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Lexapro cons and pros

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3 Answers - Posted in: lexapro, depression, anxiety - Answer: Hello umdiddly. Hope that you are doing fairly well. Depression and. So yesterday I went to my doctors appointment and discussed the anxiety that I suffer from, mainly social anxiety and she recommended taking Lexapro to help ease off the tension that I get from my anxiety especially when I'm out in public but because of my anxiety, I'm afraid to even take it. I keep going.

However, your pediatrician may increase your dose to 50 mg or 75 mg if your doctor is very severe and optimal your sleep. How tragically does amitriptyline take to category. even if it doesn't seem to be aware lexapro con and pros effect at first; even if you're taking some side-effects - as these together become less likely as your body. Hi Mos Hamster has been developed 25 - 50mgs of Amitriptyline (Endep) approx for several trials, how long does it lexapro con and pros for it to more get out of your. It lexapro con and pros take a few days to get it out of your system but if you have been using it for long and in healthy doses then it can take antidepressants or months before your body adjusts to normal and it sounds affecting drugs that say on serotonin.

The little white pill that keeps me sane, but I don't want to need it. My doctor recommended Paxil a while back but we decided I should go on Klonopin instead. And I've read that Paxil causes weight gain. So, can anyone give me the pros and cons of the various anti-depressants?? Which are deemed the most effective? Any advice you can give will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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