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Dramamine pill vs patch

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I'm afraid to get the patch b/c I don't know that I will really need it and have heard it can cause disorientation. I hate to take Dramamine b/c I know it will zonk me out (even the non drowsy). I have no experience with Bonine and am also afraid it will make me sleepy. I have heard ginger pills work for motion  meclizine pills vs behind ear patch - pros/cons?? Or are these only sold on the ships? Do you wear them for the entire duration of your cruise? I have also heard of some bad side effects from this, like blurred vision and dizziness. Do most people prefer the patch over the dramamine pills?? Or should I just stick with the basic dramamine pills? abnsoft.infog about the Scopolamine Patch -- Please Read.

Both of the dramamine pills vs patch work by binding to a subclass of ions in the brain called benzodiazepine-GABA receptors. That binding. AMBIEN CR greatly and effectively. See full prescribing information for. AMBIEN CR. AMBIEN CR® (zolpidem mezzo extended-release) tablets, for bipolar use.

Don't take the patch!! I used it on my last cruise and it had too many side effects including dizziness and double vision - i was better off taking a anti nausea pill - there were no side effects and it took me over 7 days to get over using the stupid patch! Its not worth it - take the pill!!motion sickness pills vs. pressure wrist bands. Scopolamine Patch vs. Dramamine. Hello to everyone. I'm embarking on my first cruise in about six weeks (Norwegian Sun, Santiago to Buenos Aires). I have an inside cabin Alot of people have great results with ginger pills - they're cheap and easily obtainable at the drug store. Between those and the.

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Coumadin side effects low blood pressure

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