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Zyprexa rebound insomnia

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I am having HORRIBLE HORRIBLE rebound insomnia :'(from zyprexa withdrawal some ppl say they sleep at least 8 full hours even after withdrawing for a while but for the entire year, I've slept like hours nightly all broken sleep and i never feel once in a month'(what's wrong. I was on zyprexa mg nightly for about a year and a half for anxiety I quit it cold turkey last november ever since then I have been having bad rebound insomnia I just wanted to know if this rebound insomnia will really resolve over time, or if it's permanent? my sleep ever come back?.. and.

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Zyprexa is not my first choice for insomnia as it is one of the most likely to cause rebound insomnia. Ask your I have had insomnia for years and i started taking zyprexa and i have not had any trouble sleeping since. Good luck Zyprexa - Anybody have freaking insomnia from this crap? I do. OCD is. At present coming off 10 mg Zyprexa since 14/11/ I am now down to mg - half of a mg tablet. I am about to go down to mg. This is my second attempt to get off the Zyp in the last 19 weeks. Last time I successfully came down from 5 mg to Zero in just 4 weeks but the rebound insomnia was.

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