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Did they ever find the tylenol killer

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WCVB Channel 5 of Boston reported that court documents, released in early , "show Department of Justice investigators concluded Lewis was responsible for the poisonings, despite the fact that they did not have enough evidence to charge him". Lewis has consistently denied all responsibility for the poisonings for  Deaths‎: ‎7. Psychologists called the killer so strange that their normal guidelines "just don't work." And now, more than 26 years after Tylenol capsules laced with potassium cyanide killed seven people in the Chicago area, the Tylenol murders still have enough people scratching their heads that the FBI reopened the.

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Whoever tainted the Tylenol in needed only to get ahold of a bottle, poison the capsules within, and sneak them back onto the shelves. .. I read about the Tylenol murders when I was a kid and ever since then, I look at every single seal of anything I open. They put a great deal of thought into these things. Paula Prince, a flight attendant for United Airlines, was found dead in her Chicago apartment two days after purchasing Tylenol at a Walgreens nearby. The front "Not one bit of evidence ever supported the store shelf theory except for the only fact that people bought Tylenol and they died," Bartz wrote.

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