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Sleeping problems and disorders have been on a steady rise in our modern society and as such the prevalence of strong prescription strength sleeping medications such as Ambien and Zolpidem are on the rise as well. These prescription meds provide relief for a lot of sufferers but unfortunately are strong compounds that. Over-the-counter sleep medications, which contain antihistamines, can induce sleepiness. The Mayo Clinic notes that antihistamines may reduce the quality of sleep and bring on daytime drowsiness. OTC sleep aids should only be used for a few days at a time. Overuse can build up a tolerance and dependency on them.

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In the battle against insomnia various types of medications are available, including prescription sleep aids and over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines and sleep aids. OTC medications are popular for their availability, cost, and ease in use. In the last decade prescription sleep aids like Ambien, Lunesta and Sonata have. 2 Answers - Posted in: ambien, sleep disorders, sleep, otc - Answer: Hello kmar No. Theres nothing out there (otc-over the counter) that.

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