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What is the purpose of a dilantin level blood test

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What are other names for this test? (Equivalent Terms). Dilantin Levels Blood Test. What is Phenytoin Blood Test? (Background Information). Phenytoin, or Dilantin®, is an anticonvulsant drug used to treat seizures. Seizures are episodes of abnormal and excessive brain cell activity; they may last several. Phenytoin test measures the level of phenytoin (dilantin) drug level in the blood that is used for epilepsy treatment. Purpose of the phenytoin test is to check.

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Blood levels of phenytoin should be monitored frequently when treatment begins and then periodically once the treatment level has been established to ensure that it remains in the therapeutic range. A phenytoin test may be recommended if a patient does not seem to be responding to the medication. The test can. in these cases. OTHEr MONITOrING PArAMETErs FOr. PHENYTOIN THErAPY. Besides monitoring therapeutic drug levels of phenytoin when such monitoring is of clinical value, there are other parameters which should be considered for all patients on phenytoin therapy. Monitoring full blood count and liver function tests.

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