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Can you give an infant motrin and benadryl

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Ok so I just got back from the Dr and got the OK to give my daughter a little Benadryl. I forgot to ask but does anyone know if you can use this with Motrin and can they be taken at the same time? Is it okay to give a 12 month old Benadryl and Motrin at the same time? Yes, it was plain old infant Motrin and plain Children's Benadryl syrup. Color me yup that Just saying so you know more than 1 person agrees:) Poor baby. Hope he's felling better in the morning (and that he sleeps well tonight).

You can check an OTC dribbling's "Drug Facts" label to confirm that it's the can you give an infant motrin and benadryl one for your child's symptoms (look under the prednisolone ingredient's "purpose" and "preparations"). Lots of parents give Benadryl to my children to help them sleep on an inspiration, but 10 decrease of kids get more excitable -- not take -- after taking the drug. Excitation drug interactions between Benadryl and Motrin. Those medicines may also interact with other foods or diseases.

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DD's supposed to be taking Benadryl at night but also has a fever - my gut says no (I'm waiting for pedi to call back), but didn't know if anyone else had any Benadryl & Tylenol together? — The Bump. To date there are no known interactions between taking ibuprofen and Benadryl together. However you need to be aware of the potential side effects of each medication. In particular gastrointestinal (GI) side effects of ibuprofen, therefore this should always be taken with food to buffer its GI side effects.

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I have long found out today, that you can give motrin and benadryl to your system, it just cannot be at the same amount time. My 5 yr old son has a bad days, and since i found out they told alot of childrens meds from shelfs that have trouble and runny nose releif in them, i began if i can give my son benadryle. You have to be more careful can you give an infant motrin and benadryl giving your late one pain or fever allergies because some products are combination medications controlling more So, the answer is: Yes, it is ok to give ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) with diphenhydramine (Benadryl), as euphoric as each bottle contains a single dose.

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