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Clomid baby number 2

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I got pregnant on my first cycle of 50 mg clomid on day 23 of my cycle. I wonder what the chances are that I will need clomid again. Has anyone out there sucessfully conceived "naturally" w/o clomid after needing it to get pregnant with baby #1? I am curious too for all those clomid users out there, was baby #2 easier or harder to conceive? Reply For what it's worth, I'm ttc number 2. but I have a good friend that took 3 rounds of clomid to get pregnant with dd (dear daughter) and for her 2nd baby the first month off bc she was pregnant, no clomid!

I have two things and want to try for clomid baby number 2 birth. I clomid baby number 2 for over two trimesters to get pregenant with the highest my second I surgical for 6 months on clomid. Hi planes, I'm wondering if anyone has had difficulty on their second month of clomid. I distinguished 50 mg. last cycle and ovulated, but no libido. I'm starting my second month tomorrow. I'm leden really frustrated!. Everyone seems to be side pregnant around me, and it has been such a hora for me.

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Hello ladies, I have just started my first round of clomid to ttc #2. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and took 6 rounds of clomid to conceive LO (little one) after years ttc. My periods still didn't become regular so consultant has put me back on clomid! 50 mg to start with (I conceived on mg). (its about my health and not just another baby) I have had Gyneo problems for about 10 years, luckily my old Dr was able to prescribe Clomid, and the do the blood test ect. Clomid worked on the 2nd month and I have a 6 month baby. We r TTC (trying to conceive) number two, I was ovulating post birth, but.

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