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Chance of multiples with clomid and iui

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Hi ladies! I was just curious how many of you got PG with multiples while being treated with clomid and then having an IUI.i am going in for my first IUI tomorrow and my brain is just thinking a lot! Twins run in my family but the Dr's told me that doesn't "up" my odds of having them though an IUI. Sort by. Hey guys, just wondering what are the odds of conceiving mulitiples with mature follies? My first cycle of taking clomid 50mg, my iui was cancelled, Anyone did clomid? - Multiples and Twins.

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IUI allows many more sperm than would usually make it into the uterus to get in there, which raises the odds of conception. From there, the sperm makes its way to the fallopian tubes, as it would after regular sexual intercourse. The risk of conceiving twins on IUI and Clomid is 11 percent, according to statistics from Shady. Review of a medical article discussing the relationship between the number of follicles after ovarian stimulating drugs and risks for multiple pregnancies.

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